Disney/ABC – “Traveler”

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“Traveler” was a primetime TV serial drama and summer replacement series in 2007. We were tasked by Disney | ABC to write a marketing and promotional plan incorporating a unique mix of traditional and non-traditional media with the goal of achieving a Nielsen rating of at least 5 with a budget of no more than $1 million.


We conducted an industry analysis and market research on the desired “Gen Y” demographic, in addition to primary focus group research. We also performed a SWOT analysis to position the show within the primetime lineup. We devised a marketing and advertising framework that included a mix of traditional and new media such as Facebook, blogs and torrents. Furthermore, we designed mockups of the billboards, series homepage, Facebook and MySpace pages, as well as other awareness tools and tactics. Finally, we developed a budget of $700,000 to implement the strategy.


Our presentation to C-level executives wove together the familiar branding elements of the Disney website, including logos, colors and personality, with the look, feel and sound of the edgy, “Gen Y”-inspired series.

The result was a debut rating of 6.1, which translates into a night viewership of 8.8 million, 20% above ABC’s target.

“The team did a very good job with the description of the marketing approach and schedule….[and] was very thorough in including concepts to build to the premier and to maintain interest after launch….[T]he structure of the presentation and the simplicity and visual presentation style of the slides was appealing….[and] used the appropriate level of effects/graphics with the message to get the key points across.”
–Mike Benson and Peter Lee

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