Creating your Tribe

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By Dani Endrei
At this point you may have heard of Seth Godin’s book Tribe.

Here’s an awesome 12 min interview with him.

He states that good marketing is not about shoving the most amount of information down the most amount of people’s throat. He takes Gmail for example. When they first started they were invitation only. They created huge demand and people were lined up waiting to get in.

Nokia Vs Apple.

Why is that Nokia with their vast experience in mobile technology did not come up with a concept similar to the iPhone? They are clearly capable of doing so.

Seth states that Nokia was happy making average phones that will be liked by everyone. Apple on the other hand made a phone that most people will hate but a few will love. So much so in fact that they will be willing to stand in line overnight to get it. It may only be a 1,000 people but those 1,000 will each tell 1,000 more. Now your tribe is in the millions.

What kind of marketing are you involved with. The solution that makes everybody happy or the one that makes some crave.

Check out the book.

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