Noah Alper, founder of Noah’s Bagels

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Noah Alper, founder of Noahs Bagels

This week we speak with Noah Alper, the founder of Noah’s Bagels. He talks about his experience in building a boutique store into the influential cultural phenomenon that he then sold in 1996 for $100 million. He also promotes his new book, “Business Mensch: Timeless Wisdom for Today’s Entrepreneur”.

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  • One of Mr. Alper’s few regrets is that he may have allowed “too much democracy” [dress codes, music, etc.]

    There was another management practice which was at odds with his pietistic touting of the principle of REMEMBERING THE SABBATH ….. Namely the requirement of FORCED OVERTIME WORK ON DEMAND.

    This requirement was imposed desperately on immigrant employees … putting their jobs in jeopardy. No honoring of the Sabbath for them!

    This disrespect participated the drive to form a Workers Union … and Noah responded by hiring the expensive and infamous Union Busting firm, LITTLER MENDELSON .. who pulled every trick in the book to keep Noah’s “Union Free”. The Union Election was defeated by one vote.

    Noah calls himself a MENSCH … those who were harassed and fired for their Union attempts feel the title SHMUCK might be more appropriate.

  • Very interesting interview. I enjoyed Noah’s insight and energy.

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