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Graphs and Laughs with Edward Tufte

Jun 22, 2011   //   by Michael   //   Blog, Posts  //  Comments Off on Graphs and Laughs with Edward Tufte

A funny piece by Bob Mankoff in “The New Yorker”: The New Yorker thinks Edward Tufte is just wrong about information design! (Link to the original article: Graphs and Laughs)

However, as one of the commenters, KENCHICAGO, pointed out, the trend in infographics and data display has led to a proliferation of visually-striking but information-thin “data” displays, often lacking in actual data content. True, reading Tufte is like trying to understand 19th century German philosophy, but his ideas are a tremendous launching point for creative and smart visualization that involves layers of data usually within broader context rather than isolated out of the many real world variables that influence them.

Visual Display of Quantitative Data by Edward Tufte

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